Confirmation at St Mary Magdelene

Confirmation in the Holy Spirit

St Mary Magdalene Church was the host church to a Confirmation Service on Saturday 1st November, that set a new record in this century. A total of fifteen people were confirmed in this service, this number not seen since the early 1980s.

Alice Pierce, Ministry Intern, has sent this report and images.

“On November 1st we had a wonderful Confirmation Service at St Mary Magdalene’s Church. At the service there was a diverse mix of adults and children excited and eagerly awaiting to be confirmed. They had been preparing for weeks with Fr Rob and it was a moving occasion seeing them take this next step in their journey of faith.Confirmation 2

The confirmation marked an important milestone for the fifteen involved where they affirmed the vows made at their baptisms and declared their commitment to be Disciples of Christ in the world.

The service was led by Bishop John of Brixworth who gave an engaging sermon relating fireworks to the Saints and, by extension, to Christians now, and then proceeded to confirm the candidates. Bishop John laid hands on them as a symbol of the Holy Spirit being passed on to them and then they were anointed with Holy Oil to ‘seal’ in that Holy Spirit.

It was very fortunate that the Confirmation Service fell on November 1st, which is All Saints Day – a day where we especially celebrate the lives of Christians of the past and pray for the saints of today. Some might say it was a nice coincidence; but then we all know that coincidence is simply God’s unsuccessful attempt at remaining anonymous.

Confirmation 1Overall it was a fantastic day with lots of support from family, friends and the parishioners and there will always be a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to visit St Mary Magdalene’s and enjoy more great days like this!”