Public Meeting for Flood Awareness

Just in time for the wet season!

Community Pathfinder Project (flooding)


27 OCTOBER 2014,

In the June, the Northamptonshire County Council sent Mary Dhonau and her colleagues to put on a Road Show of their Flood Awareness Project. They brought with them, amongst many items, community flood maps, flood protection products for the home and a potential for a free community flood store and rain gauge, with an associated warning system.

Following on from the information they received at the Road Show, they will be holding a Public Meeting at the Village Hall on Monday 27 October at 7.30pm. Mary Dhonau, from M.D.A. Community Flood Consultants comments:

“My colleague Richard Jones (who will be known to many of you as he has undertaken the community flood investigations) and I will attend, and will take up no more than about an hour of your time.

We will talk about the project, what it’s like to flood and how to plan, prepare and mitigate against it. We will also offer free property level flood surveys to those at risk,
discuss the free flood store equipment we will be able to provide as part of the project, try to see if we can enlist any volunteer flood wardens (who will be given free training) and again, ask for any more information about flood history that Richard Jones can add to his maps (which he will have with him on the night).”

She continues:

“These maps will be given to each Parish Council to enable them to target support into the right areas, should a flood occur. It will also feed information into their Parish Emergency Plan, to help provide support to the vulnerable residents.

I am also able to bring property level flood protection with me to exhibit.

We would very much like residents to attend, as you or the Parish Councillors may wish to consider items or issues to raise with me, and the money available relating to this project!”

Mary has been flooded herself and knows only too well what an appalling experience it is. She said at the Road Show that it was a little known fact that in the 2012 floods, over half of the insurance claims were from surface water flooding – something that could happen almost anywhere, any time.

It really is in our own interests to attend this meeting, please try to do so.