Ged-Fest 2014

Ged-Fest 2014,
the free music festival aiming to raise money for charities,
was held at The White Hart in West Street in Geddington
over the weekend of 5-6th July.

The live bands included:

Telstars, The Contenders, Yodaclub
Bentback Tulips, Nicole Hope and House Of Paris
The Replicats, Hogwash.

There were stalls selling hog-roast and ice cream, T-shirts and strawberries.

Nicola Thornton, landlady, tells that they raised an impressive £1375 for Prostaid, the charity for prostrate cancer.


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  • A fantastic weekend, with a fantastic amount raised for Prostaid. A big thank you to Nicola, the bands and all of the others who made the weekend such a great success.

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