Geddington Brickyard Garden

The Geddington Brickyard Garden

– a new community garden project for Geddington

In the summer issue of The Newsletter, the quarterly village magazine, a new community project was announced – that of creating a garden, in what was once a brickmaking area.


Whilst the 19th century brickmaking industry has long gone, there is a chance that a type of ‘bricklet’ may well be made in the near future.


Lynette Litman, organiser and project leader, has given an update on the progress of the garden.

  • “The Geddington Brickyard Garden (GBG) received a Certificate of Incorporation as a Community Interest Company (CIC) on 4th July.
  • We now have a core volunteer team of Geddington residents, who are willing to undertake the initial hard work of clearing the site and preparing for the GBG Launch Day on Sunday 21st September.
  • Lynette & Ian getting 'dug in'
    Lynette & Ian getting dug in
  • GBG has organised Weekend Work mornings at the site through August (Sat/Sun 10am-12noon). We always welcome more help. Please note that access to the site is currently limited to those authorised by GBG and, due to the potential hazards at the site, there are GBG Volunteer Rule & Guidelines, which need to be read and understood. Our work is currently well away from the derelict barns.
  • Priority work at the site involves clearing the reading circle area (see map), surface debris, making a woodland trail, building deadwood screen hedges along the boundary with Clay Dick . . . and more.”
Proposed layout of garden

GBG now has a Facebook page. Please visit to keep in touch with our progress.


We have made our first experimental Geddington ‘bricklets’ from clay dug up at the site in preparation for our “Come & Make a Brick Launch Day” – possibly the first ‘bricklets’ made from Geddington clay for over 100 years! Very exciting  . . .”


Our email address is for any new volunteers wishing to be involved in our GBG project or kept up to date with GBG progress.

Lynette Litman