Sue Spooner – A fond farewell

33 years at one school is an impressive record


1981 was the year that Sue Spooner took up the post of Deputy Head Teacher at Geddington Primary School, six years later she was promoted to Head Teacher – and she has been there ever since.


Sue has seen many changes in that time – the size of the school buildings, the content of the classrooms and the numbers of pupils, being just three of the most obvious ones.


But it’s now time to hang up the ‘mortar-board’ and put away the ‘blackboard’ for the very last time, as today, Wednesday 23 July 2014, is the day that the school says farewell to a well-loved teacher, who is off for a well-earned retirement.


Actually, ‘retirement’ is quite the wrong word. Sue was keen to stress that: “I am gaining access to freedom.  I’m going to carve out a new life and start by moving to somewhere large and busy.”


Sue continued by saying, “It’s been a wonderful place to work and a delight to work in this community.  I’ve had support from so many people and wish to thank them all.  To my successor, I can only say that I hope he is able to carry on the good work started by my teaching staff and colleagues.”


Sue Spooner
Sue Spooner

13 comments on “Sue Spooner – A fond farewell

  • Chris Tindle says:

    Good luck for the future Sue . Enjoy your retirement . With love Chris Tindle or as you used to call me nurse Tingle especially at Xmas time 🙂 x

  • Phil Gibbard says:

    All the best Mrs Spooner (sorry couldn’t help it) a great head. Enjoy your retirement.

  • Tari Pellitteri Griggs says:

    Farewell, Ms. Spooner! Chris, Tim, Amy and I will always remember you with fondness and love! –“Those Americans”…The Griggs (1996-99)

  • Nathan Abrahams says:

    I will always remember my time at Geddington Primary School as being one of the best periods of my childhood and a large contributing factor to that was Mrs Spooner, a fun and involved teacher who genuinely cared for her pupils and the school. The year six annual trip to Swanage back in the day was a highlight and one of many fond memories. All the best in your ‘retirement’ Mrs Spooner and thankyou

    Nathan Abrahams

  • Dave Bevan says:

    I loves my time at this school. Thank you and good luck in a well deserved retirement!

    Dave Bevan

  • Gemma Landon says:

    Best teacher ever. You made my primary years a time to treasure. I can’t imagine for a second you’ll be reclining in your chair with a tartan blanket. All the best to you on your next adventure. And thank you for giving me a firm foundation, and making it fun too.

  • emilie Green says:

    Good luck Mrs Spooner! Yannick and I will always be grateful for all the wonderful memories and great start in life that the school provided. Do let us know if you are ever in London! (

  • Jane phillips says:

    Good luck with whatever and wherever you go, we will always remember you. Our children were privileged to go to your school . We couldn’t have wished for a better start in their education. We have always enjoyed catching up and having a chat, usually at a scool event or sainsburys! We would love to hear from you when you have the time. Maybe sample some of that lovely beer that Jez is brewing! Jane and Jez Phillips . xx

  • Elisabeth Mahase says:

    The best head teacher you could ask for! Thank you for wonderful memories Mrs Spooner!

  • Francoise green says:

    Enjoy your freedom. Thank you for everything you did for our children. Richard and francoise.

  • Steve Wilkinson says:

    A generation of the Wilkinson family has you to thank for a great start in life. Not just the skills you imparted but the memories too. All the best for the future.

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