Traffic Management of the new A43 is always pleased to get ‘Comments’ about any of its postings – please keep them coming!

However, the new A43/Corby Link Road/Geddington By-pass postings have had more than their fair share of ‘Comments’, in fact we’ve almost had more for the new road postings, than all the other postings put together!

The concern in the ‘Comments’ centred on the amount of traffic still coming through the village, and what can be done to divert it onto the new road.

In our query to Cllr Jim Harker on this subject, he responded with the following:

“The County Council Highways department is looking at a number of options including road signage and road markings, and asking local haulage companies to encourage their drivers to use the link road.”

Comment from the Editor:
For those people expecting to see a massive and instant decrease in traffic, it has been a disappointing time. We can only hope that the options decided upon by the County Council Highways make a difference, and soon.

On a different note, it would be very interesting to see the results of traffic surveys in 3 month’s and 6 month’s time, and compare with them with the A43 Action Group’s survey results from the 1990s.



2 comments on “Traffic Management of the new A43

  • Would it be possible for the NCC highways to temporarily put the electronic road signs (used during the construction period) to be placed on the Kettering bypass and the Weldon bypass, advising drivers that there is a new alternative A43 route until sat navs are registering the bypass? i frequently cross the new bypass at the Little Oakley bridge and have noted that it is busier every day and will increase in volume as time goes on.

  • alan hubbard says:

    I am a retired HGV driver and can say with some certainty that road markings and signage and speaking with haulage companies will have little or no effect, the only certain way of removing HGV,s from Geddington is to have a enforced 7.5 ton weight limit.

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