Flood Awareness Road Show

Northamptonshire County Council
is holding a

Flood Awareness Road Show

on Wednesday 25th June from 2.45 – 4.45pm
at Geddington Village Hall

 The NCC’s Floods & Water Department as well as the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign, are keen to highlight awareness of flood risk and what they can do to help the residents of Geddington.

The Fire & Rescue vehicle, which will contain the exhibition, will have:

Flood maps
Information on how to manage a local flood and
Free equipment to help manage the flood risk in Geddington
– and with Geddington’s history of floods, something, surely, to grasp with open hands!

It may seem odd to have this type of Show in the summertime, but as the Chief Executive of the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign and Chair of The Flood Protection Association, Mary Dhonau OBE, says, “Floods can happen anytime and anywhere. Having been flooded myself, I know only too well what an appalling experience it is. To watch as everything you have worked hard for is thrown into a skip is hard enough, but to lose precious sentimental items, is completely devastating. It is a little known fact that over half of the flood insurance claims from the floods of 2012, were from surface water flooding. Geddington is at risk of being flooded in this way and I’m sure many of you will remember past floods.”

(This can be born out by the residents of Bright Trees Road, for instance, as they couldn’t be farther away from the river in Geddington, if they tried and there were floods there in the 1990s,which resulted in the berm behind the houses on the north side.)

Mary continues: “So how would Geddington cope in an emergency? Does Geddington have the resources to hand to be able to act quickly? Would the drainage system of ditches, drains and watercourses in Geddington cope if we received month’s worth of rain in one day like in 1998?”

Mary is employed by the NCC to help promote the ‘Community Pathfinder Project’, Northamptonshire being only one of 13 other places in the country to have been selected by DEFRA for funding to deliver this project. This funding will provide Geddington with a community flood store, a rain gauge with associated warning system and the results of a community flood assessment.

Mary finishes with: “There’s much more, so do come, we’ll talk to you individually as well as a community – we look forward to seeing you there!”

For further information visit: www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/en/councilservices/envron/flood/pages/default.aspx

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