11 or 9 – that is the question!

The official title for this question is:


but we didn’t think this would grab your attention.

So what is it all about?

Despite the title, the answer is quite simple: this is a proposal to reduce the number of Geddington Ward Councillors from the current 11 to 9.

However, as anything to do with local, or indeed national governance is concerned, it takes time and paperwork.  You will find attached a number of documents you may wish to see if you are to give a response to this proposal. They are:

No 1.  The Proposal, Background and Context of the Review.
No 2. The official Notice, and the villages that are concerned.
No 3.  The official Response form on which your comments can be made.

The consultation process has a deadline of 15th August 2014

Did we not say there was a lot of paperwork? Here it is:

Review Proposal
Review Notice
Review Response