The Great Garage Sale

Another fine day!

“If you need to organise an event on a sunny day, get Jackie to do it!” said husband Gordon, slightly tongue-in cheek, because last year wasn’t quite so sunny, but this year the Great Garage Sale was held on the hottest weekend of the year so far.

It brought out the crowds – and that’s not just the stalls – the buying public started arriving at 8.30, even with a 10am official start! But it didn’t stop some canny stall holders from taking advantage of this opportunity.

At 10.30am, Jackie reported that she had sold more maps by then than last year.  The map pinpointed the position of nearly 60 stalls, but more had been added since the maps were printed, so there were about 90 stalls to be visited, with stalls in almost every street and road in the village.

Stallholder, Claire, said sales were steady and many others reported lots of interest.


Newcomers to the village, Nick and Janna of West Street, said their visit to the Garage Sale last year, solidified their decision to move to Geddington.  Nick said, “It was the obvious community spirit and general friendliness of the residents we’ve come into contact with, as well as this lovely house and garden of course, that firmed up our decision.”

Needless to say, with our narrow village streets, some of the parking would have been a traffic warden’s dream, had Geddington employed such a person.


Parking on Wood Street
Parking on Wood Street

As is usual, by early afternoon, the mad rush was over and on the whole, it was reckoned to be another successful village event, no, let’s call it a tradition, even if a modern one. So, well done Jackie, we’re looking forward to next year already!







5 comments on “The Great Garage Sale

  • Ho hum! I thought the sale was Sunday – report in village voice gave no day or time!! Perhaps see you next year!

    • Hello Sue, I checked our event history and find that we had it on the correct day, sorry if you missed it. Pam

  • Jackie Binley says:

    Thank you, Pam, Thank you to the stall holders for their donations of £5’s. We have made about £660 for The Friends’ funds! I hope you all had a successful day on the stalls and that you made a tidy sum. On a rough calculation, I reckon that the village made £10,000 !

    • Well done, Jackie – another very successful event for most people, by the sounds of it. Pam

  • Arthur Jobb says:

    A very successful event. But in order to raise even more funds perhaps fines could be imposed for poor driving and poor parking then I reckon you could buy a new church if you wanted to !

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