Geddington By-pass opening – a new view

Geddington By-pass Opening

Yes, we know its official title is the Corby Link Road or, what will now be shown on new maps and satnavs, the A43, but for  ‘us residents’ it started off as the Geddington by-pass.  And we are so looking forward to less traffic, in particular the lack of heavy goods vehicles coming through the village on what is now the A4300.

Last Friday, we posted some pictures of the opening of the new by-pass taken from one of the bridges. At the end of the post we asked if you had any other pictures we could put on the website, particularly of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Well, we’ve managed to go one better than that. We have been very fortunate in being given some most unusual pictures taken, not only from the cavalcade, not only from the leader of the cavalcade, but from someone who was videoing from the sunroof of the leader of the cavalcade, the GVFB’s fire engine, the Queen Eleanor.

Many, many thanks to John Doran and the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade for all of the following images.

11 comments on “Geddington By-pass opening – a new view

  • If the by pass is to stop Lorries ‘thundering’ through Geddington. Why are they still driving through,at speed!

    • David Jones says:

      I imagine lorries are still passing through Geddington because the new road is not yet on their satnavs.

  • Jim Bunce says:

    I think the road signs might need some attention, as the A43 sign is hidden behind the trees. Still lots of lorries turning right to go through the village.

    Maybe we need a weight restriction on the A4300

  • Gerald Edwards says:

    I was told a few years ago that the road would be downgraded because of the weak bridge. Someone needs to have the sat nav systems upgraded but perhaps this is the responsibility of the County Council. At the moment not the “quiet” road we all hoped for.

  • alan hubbard says:

    Yes I agree with all of the above, almost 3 weeks since the opening, made no difference to the volume of traffic coming through Geddington, are there any plans to weight limit our village? Very disappointed!

  • The County Council Highways department is looking at a number of options including road signage and road markings, and asking local haulage companies to encourage their drivers to use the link road.

    • Frank Harding says:

      In June 2015 we still have huge Sainsbury’s, Eddie Stobart, Waitrose, Tesco etc, etc lorries thundering through our village. They obviously are not stopping in the village.
      Any news on the road signs or weight restrictions?

  • I’m a truck driver and came through Geddington today, at 30mph I might add. Didn’t even know the new road was open. Can’t always blame sat navs, most of us only use them to get to new destinations and prefer to drive from memory.

    You’ve seen the last of me put it that way. Deffo needs weight restricting. Maybe you could set up a lorry watch scheme, they’re always good to give some folk something to moan about.

  • Frank Harding says:

    Here we are in the third week of June 2015 and still huge lorries are thundering through New Road, Geddington. The roundabout just before Geddington does not have a weight restriction sign or anything showing an alternative route! Signs at the roundabout on the A43 near the crematorium are all well covered by trees and cannot be seen by drivers.
    Looks like the money spent on the new “byepass” was a complete waste!

    • Hello Frank,
      You are not the only one to have a lot of concern about the large vehicles still coming through the village. We’ve even had emails from non-residents visiting the village and complaining about the lories coming through the village, even late at night. Through the Parish Council, there has been talk about a number of options to curtail them. However, if, in this website, you click on Parish Council (top of the screen in Quick Links), then click on the Minutes for 13 April (below the pictures of Councillors, and which will come up as a .pdf file) and go to pages 2 and 3, you will see the comments/information made by our County Councillor Jim Harker.
      Now that the A14 is almost finished, just closed overnight for a few days, perhaps the Count Council can now turn their attention to the unfinished and final details of the A4300.

    • Frank
      At my last Parish Council meeting (April 2015) before I retired in May, I asked that a survey or census be carried out, and all HGV’s be stopped and asked why they still use the A4300. County Cllr. Jim Harker commented that this would be done by the County Council in the “Near Future”.
      Not sure what timescale “near future” covers.

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