Geddington By-pass Open at last!

Northamptonshire Highways

On a cool but sunny day, the new A43 was opened this morning at 12 noon, with a ribbon cutting ceremony  by Mr Robert Goodwill MP.

In a speech by the Leader of the Northampton County Council, Jim Harker said “This was a much needed scheme and I’m delighted to be able to announce that we’re now ready to open it to the public. I see this scheme as essential to unlocking the development in Corby and the surrounding areas.” Following the cutting of the ribbon,  the cavalcade of  vehicles set off from Storefield Cottages Roundabout travelling north to the Stanion Roundabout, where they turned round and came back again, giving those of us on the two bridges a splendid view.

It's unlikely that you'll ever see this road so empty ever again!
It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see this road so empty ever again!
A new view of the viaduct
A new view of the viaduct



Along with many Geddington residents, Anglia TV News and the Evening Telegraph were also there to record the event, the Anglia photographer being particularly inventive with his viewing point.

The cavalcade included a Formula 1 car, a Formula E car, an Aston Martin and a Ferrari, a police car, ambulance and at least six coaches full of schoolchildren – what an adventure for them! – plus many others: the whole being lead by the GVFB Fire engine, the Queen Eleanor.


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(Our reporter/photographer could only be in one place and chose one of the bridges. If you have images of the ribbon cutting ceremony, please email them to

Ribbon cutting
Photo courtesy of Andrew Carter


3 comments on “Geddington By-pass Open at last!

  • Lynette Litman says:

    Fantastic up-to-date reporting and photos…. especially for those of us who didn’t get to the opening. Thanks to our GeddNet reporter/photographer/editor aka Pam. Great job.

  • Super news about the opening, good to see the photos. I’m sorry to comment that after 4 days open the new road is almost as empty in the first photo, it seems as if most traffic prefers to continue driving through Geddington – very disappointing.

  • alan hubbard says:

    really excited about the opening day,but sad to say the hgv’s are still coming through geddington, not only strangers but local trucks as well,drove on the new road a couple of days ago,and as Fay said almost deserted,2 words spring to mind, WHITE ELEPHANT.

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