The Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Newsletter

This image is the very first front cover of
The Newsletter.

It shows exactly what the magazine does.
It delivers the News, and it’s done by a team of like-minded people who enjoy contributing to the community.

The Newsletter is in need of an editor.  In its 32 year life, it has had just four editors and only two of those were professionals.  Monica Rayne and myself were strictly amateurs and both learnt ‘on the job’.

The current Editor, Beth, will be winging her way home to the USA in the late spring, after she’s produced the spring issue, so a new editor is required.

Can you use WORD?
Can you cut and paste?
Can you insert pictures/text?
Can you work in a team?

If so, those are the basic components of editing the magazine.

Interested?  Then read more . . .
If you can use, or want to learn, Publisher, that would be a plus.

Worried about the number of pages?

Shouldn’t be: let’s just dissect the magazine.
1 page – Front cover – image chosen by committee, designed and produced by Amanda (former editor)
1 page – Page 1, Chairman’s comments and contents
7-8 pages – Advertising, Rita sees to those
1 page – Miscelleny page, remains the same all year
1 page – Diary, info gained from incoming copy and Village Hall correspondent

Then the regular correspondents, all on a list and when reminded of the deadline a month beforehand, amazingly, in comes the copy:
1 page – Church and Chapel news
3-4 pages – Political – MP, NCC, KBC, PC – all by email
3-5 pages – Clubs and sports
2-3 pages – Parish Records, Melvyn’s been doing this for years, knows how much to send
8 pages – approximately, filled by Castle Gardens, Letters to the Editor, Newton, Pub Talk,  Samuel Lee Charity,  Scouts etc, etc.

That’s 33 pages already, and that just leaves room for the occasional, personal article, which village residents send in.

The distribution is handled by it’s manager – Brenda, finance by its Treasurer – Judith and Minutes handled by the Secretary, Helen – all overseen by Chairman Lynette.

So nothing too difficult then.

If you have the slightest inclination to help, please contact:
Beth tel:7501 001552, email:
Or have a chat with any of the committee whose details are on page 33 in the winter issue (or me, Pam on 742292)
and please do so by 28th February 2014.

Pam Hopkins (former editor)

1st front cover
Summer 1981 1st Issue



3 comments on “The Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Newsletter

  • John Padwick says:

    Thanks for the posting about Jamie Smith’s Mabon – Welsh band playing on St David’s Day (1st March) – but the phone number for me is the one that was in Village Connect and is wrong. I’d appreciate it if you change it to 01536 746272. You might also like to add price of tickets: £9 [£7 under 25s] and combined supper and band tickets at £15.

    Thanks again.


    • Beth Sylvester says:

      Just to clarify, John. It was the Village Connect that got the phone number wrong. The phone number in The Newsletter is correct. We’ve also listed the ticket prices.

  • Elizabeth Sylvester says:

    I just thought I’d add something as the current Editor. I will be printing the Spring 2014 issue and use that time to train anyone interested in taking over before they assume the reins. And our current Newsletter Chair would be available to help with the upcoming Summer and Autumn issues.

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