Community Speed Watch

Motorists who speed through residential neighbourhoods are often unaware of the impact their actions have on other road users or the dangers they pose.  Speed checks show that drivers exceeding the speed limit are often local to the village or surrounding area.  For this reason, the Parish Council invited the Police along to the recent Parish Council meeting to explain how Community Speed Watch works.

Community Speed Watch is an initiative that uses the combined efforts of local residents, Police County Council and ACRE.  The Parish Council would like to change people’s attitudes towards speeding in order to create a safer environment.

By working together, Community Speed Watch enables local people to become actively involved in helping to slow down traffic in 30 mph zones within their community.  Although the initiative is designed for use in areas with a minimum 30 mph speed limit, it is hoped that this would have a knock on effect in other areas of the parish where there is a 20 mph speed limit.

The rolling programme provides community support throughout the year through the use of handheld devices – speed indicator devices (SID) and speed detection radar (SDR) (mobile radars which provides immediate information on the speed at which a vehicle is travelling), as well as speed boards which act as speed limit reminders.

In order for this scheme to be successful, the following steps are undertaken:

  1. The support of the Parish Council.
  2. A minimum of 10 volunteers willing to be trained to monitor traffic in their area, with one person named as co-ordinator.
  3.   Volunteer contact details sent to Northamptonshire Police.
  4.  Police will then notify the parish of their provisional timetable allocation and village pairing, followed by a visit to the proposed speed monitoring sites.
  5. Data boxes are set up to monitor the general speed of traffic and produce data based on average speed.
  6. Volunteers are trained in the use of laser guns, health and safety and data recording.
  7.  The equipment is delivered to the co-ordinator and the parish has the speed gun equipment for a total of three weeks over a six week period, shared with their paired village.
  8. Volunteers fill in monitoring sheets with details of speeding vehicles. These are sent to Northamptonshire Police.
  9.  The Police check the motorists’ details and send warning letters out to drivers who were identified as speeding at 35 mph or over.
  10. A range of follow up support takes place by the County Council/Police, including the use of speed indicator devices, vehicle activated signs and Police enforcement.
  11. In order for this scheme to go ahead in a parish, there needs to be support from 20% (or 500) of the electoral roll.Speed watch 2

The Parish Council would welcome your views.

Do so by contacting:

Mrs S Goddard, Parish Clerk
1 Templar Road
NN15 5BX