A43 Open at Stanion Island (Roundabout)

The Sign says it all:

A43 Open 001
This sign is on the road north of Stanion.

The A43 is now open again at the Stanion Island (Roundabout) and traffic is flowing freely, although still with caution, as the traffic cones are still very much in evidence and there is still much to be done before completion of the road, which is anticipated to be spring 2014.

Geddington has experienced so little traffic along the A43 whilst work has been carried out at the Stanion Island, it has given us a preview of what the conditions might be like after the Link Road is completed.

However, before we get to that idyllic state, we have to go through a week of  extremely unsusual conditions, while the A6003 is closed for resurfacing. (See post on 2nd July 2013).  Geddington can expect a little more traffic than usual.

Please note:

The A6003 will be closed for one week commencing on Monday 11th November 2013 and traffic will be diverted via the A43.

Further details of this closure, and a map of the area with diversions, to follow within the next few days.