The Parish Council – a new member

It’s been an interesting year for Geddington Parish Council so far, lost one and gained two – Councillors, that is. The latest and newest member, Tony Locock, was co-opted onto the Council in September’s Parish Council meeting and will take his seat at the next meeting, to be held on 14 October at 7.30pm.

Tony, who lives in Newton Road with his wife, Sarah, started his working career in the Civil Service, at the Inland Revenue Department, which later merged with HM Customs in 2005, to become HMRC. During that time, he took a leading role in its trade union, the Inland Revenue Staff Federation, representing the IR members throughout the UK.

Tony took early retirement a year ago and, as Chairman, was instrumental in the re-launch of the website

Tony comments, “I don’t believe being a member of the Parish Council is as much about politics, as it is about supporting, communicating with and promoting our community.”  He continues, “My aim in becoming a Councillor is to make the Parish Council more relevant, responsive and better at communicating with our community.”

For Tony’s contact details and those of all the other Parish Councillors, go to the Parish Council page.