20 is Plenty in Geddington

Many people, residents and visitors alike, often comment on how fortunate the village is to have such good facilities; the post office, the playground, the sports areas and, of course, the pubs. However there is a strong feeling among many residents that walking around the village has become more dangerous of late, especially for children, as the volume of traffic has increased.

20s Plenty v2

The school has joined forces with residents in campaigning for a 20mph limit within the village and a ‘Safer Route to School’. Janet Jones, one of the residents who developed the ’20 is Plenty’ campaign, reported recently: “The County Council has responded very positively and has just confirmed that the legal process is in place which will mean the 20mph restriction will cover all the residential areas within the village centre by the end of the summer.”

The website understands from Jim Harker’s report to the Parish Council that ’20 is Plenty’ will be in force for all routes into the village from the A43.

This is seen as good news by the parents, who gave overwhelming support to the idea, and by the residents who saw the dangers on a daily basis and raised the issue with the Parish Council and the Police. The Police were very supportive and the Road Safety Team worked with the school and residents to look at the ways in which the village could be made safer.

’20’ campaigners are clear that it is a strategy which has been hugely successful elsewhere and more and more communities are taking up the idea to protect their residents, reduce pollution and to encourage people to leave the car at home when they can.

In addition residents report that the new bollards in West Street and the new road markings are making it safer for vehicles to travel up or down the street without damaging cars, property or people. They appreciate everyone’s courtesy in giving way or reversing where the road narrows rather than riding up on the pavement.20sPlentyLogo

Residents are also grateful to the new owners at The Star who recognised the need to reduce the size of the delivery lorries and have changed the delivery days so that the little lorry can be used!