New Waste Recycling Scheme

Kettering Borough Council’s New Waste Recycling Scheme.

Geddington’s black waste bins have had a green label attached to them today (Friday 14 June) to let us know that this is the start of Kettering Borough Council’s new recycling scheme.

To start with, a NEW BLUE bin will be delivered next week (Friday 21 June), although the scheme will continue to use the black and grey bins, plus the current red box. However, there are quite a few changes to the items that can be put in each bin or box.

blackbinThe black bin shoud be used for:

Cooked Food and meats      Vegetable peelings
Cat and Dog Waste                 Nappies
Plastic Bags                              Polythene

greybinThe grey bin should be used for:

Grass                            Hedge Cuttings
Plants/Weeds                 Hutch Bedding/Straw
Wood Shavings               Cold Ashes
Vacuum Cleaner Contents     Shredded Paper

bluebinThe NEW blue bin should be used for:

All Plastics                     All Cardboard
Plastic Trays/Tubs     Removable lids
Juice Cartons                Milk Cartons
Aerosols                          Bottles       Cans        Metal Foils      Glass   Small Metal Items     Baking Trays    Tetra milk and juice cartons

redboxThe red box should be used for:

Letters/Bills                          Envelopes (no Windows)
Leaflets/Junk Mail               Greeting Cards
News Papers/Magazines      Phone Books/Catalogues
Yellow Pages                         Shredded Paper

For further information about this scheme, including the ability to ask for a smaller*** blue bin, here are the contact details:

Kettering Borough Council, Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road, Kettering, NN15 7QX
Telephone: 01536 410333 (ask for the recycling department)

*** However, if you do want a smaller one, I was told that you have to accept the larger one when it’s delivered and then ring up and ask for the smaller one.

*** If like me, you cannot get the larger black bin through the back gate, or you haven’t the room for it, or you don’t create enough rubbish to need such a large container, a smaller bin is essential.