Parish Council 2013-2014

The Annual Meeting of the Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council took place on Monday 13th May.

There were a number of changes, the most important of which was the change of Chairman and the addition of a new councillor.

In an interview with the new Chairman, Ken Barber said his main concern was:

“The recently introduced Localism Bill, which has moved the goal posts regarding development, both housing and commercial. Although I believe our three villages are protected within the Kettering Borough Council plans, I want to make sure we have done all that is possible to meet any threats.  Already Angus (Gordon) and I have attended meetings organised by the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England), but we are joining forces with fellow councillors John Padwick and Paul Hopkins to keep up to date with developments.”

Ken continued by saying that:

“The new Village Hall extension is more likely to happen, although the aim is to make sure the management structure and financial arrangements are in place before the first brick is laid.”

Ken hopes that people will contact him as early as possible if a problem arises, the more warning the Council has, the more consideration the Council can give to its response.

Ken can be contacted by email and letter, or Pat is happy to take messages at the Post Office.

“Already people approach me in the street and I’m more than happy for that to continue.”

An interview with new councillor, Paul Hopkins, will follow later, however, many village residents will be aware that Paul has already served many years both as a Parish Councillor and Geddington’s Borough Councillor. Welcome back, Paul.

The following are the Councillors and the responsibilities they have taken on:

Chairman Ken Barber
Vice-chairman Mark Rowley
Terence Bailey – Councillor for Little Oakley
Clair Buckseall
Angus Gordon
Ken Harden
Paul Hopkins (new councillor)
Ian Kelman
John Padwick
David Watson – Councillor for Newton

Chair of Finance: David Watson
Chair of Planning: Angus Gordon
Chair of Recreation & Environment: Ken Barber
Chair of Lighting & Footpaths:  Ken Barber
Chair of Village Design:  John Padwick
Chair of Road Safety:  Ken Harden

Dallington Charity:  Angus Gordon
Samuel Lee Charity:  Ken Barber, Claire Buckseall
Neighbourhood Watch:  Ken Harden
Rural Forum:  David Watson
Youth Club: Claire Buckseall
Village Hall:  Angus Gordon

Full contact details and all the responsibilities can be seen on the Parish Council page.