County Council Elections – More Comment! has just heard that Jim Harker (Conservative) has won the Ise division County Council seat by a slim margin from fellow Geddington resident Jonathan Bullock (UKIP).



The result was as follows:

Jim Harker – Conservative – 1307 votes
Jonathan Bullock – UKIP – 1133 votes
Harjinder Singh – Labour – 671 votes
Alan Window – Lib. Dem. – 120 votes

The Northamptonshire County Council election results saw the Conservatives win 36 seats, Labour 11, Lib Dem 6, UKIP 3 and Ind 1,  an overall majority of 15.

Jim Harker said:

“This excellent result means we have a mandate for continuing our policy of low taxation, jobs, and good quality services and I would like to thank everyone who played a part in helping us to achieve success. It is a real privilege for me to be re-elected to serve the people of Geddington and it’s surrounding communities again. It is 34 years since I first became our County Councillor and I am pretty proud of what we have achieved together over that time”.

I particularly want to thank all those who put their trust and voted for me.It was a bit closer than in the past, as the Division now includes 6000 new voters in the Ise part of Kettering, and I do understand the worries that many people have about European interference into our national affairs, but this was a Local election about Local issues, and I’m glad most people saw it as such”.

Jonathan Bullock said:

“I would like to congratulate Jim Harker on his election as County Councillor for the Ise Division – I have already written to Jim to congratulate him, and look forward to working with him in my role as the Borough Councillor for part of this Division.I was amazed to get over 1,100 votes and 35% of the poll. It was a strongly contested campaign, and both the UKIP and Tory campaigns resonated with the public – which is why Labour was squeezed down to around 600 votes.

I think it was very important for UKIP to stand in this election and, as the local UKIP Borough Councillor, it was natural for me to fly the flag. Important issues were raised by UKIP both locally and nationwide, and even the Prime Minister has now said that the people’s views on these issues need to be respected and not denigrated.  It is important for democracy that elections are properly contested and that the issues to be properly and openly debated. We are lucky that we can do this – we are not, luckily, a one party state – or county!

Finally, I would like to thank (hugely) all those who voted for me and for all your messages of interest and support.  I will continue working hard as your Borough Councillor, and am here to represent all residents.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any Borough issues you would like me to address or where I can be of help”.

Another Geddington resident John Padwick standing in Desborough for Labour came fourth with 610 votes. He said:

“Labour has nearly doubled its number of County Councillors across Northants and gained 2 of our targets in Kettering (an increase from zero to two).  We had hoped to gain 2 and concentrated our efforts in those areas.  These will be 2 excellent councillors”.