Bridge Street – Flood fears subside

The recent heavy rainfall that brought difficulties to some residents of Bridge Street and traffic wanting to use the Bridge has hopefully now been resolved.

A combination of the large drains from The Chase, via Wood Street and Bridge Street being surcharged, damage to the surface drains located close to the bridge caused by passing vehicles and considerable blockages due to a build up of debris within the drain resulted in the Bridge Street floods.

A detailed inspection by Anglian Water identified the problems and with the debris pumped out the drains are once again running freely. Anglian Water will continue to monitor the situation closely and the County Council have been asked to commence a survey of Bridge Street close to the bridge.

These events once again brought the best out of Geddington people, and various organisations helped those in need at a difficult time;

as a result of their hard work and great sense of Community Spirit, no houses were flooded.