Take the 20 Challenge


Many local residents fear that the speed of traffic on their streets is too high.

Travelling at speeds of over 20mph puts other vehicles and pedestrians at risk.

With over 8,000 vehicles a week down West Street alone the village is suffering traffic overload.

Our roads, pavements, homes and historic buildings including the Eleanor Cross are all showing signs of significant wear and tear.

The Parish Council and the County Council are looking into creating a 20mph zone around the village and Geddington Primary School is adding its voice to those of the residents in the hope that we can create ‘A Safer Route to School’

Pytchley village has already successfully taken steps to raise driver awareness and create a 20 only village centre. If Geddington were to do the same we would have a much safer place to live.

Show your support and remind drivers to slow down in our village by displaying a window or wheelie bin sticker .20sPlentyLogo