Bridge Closed Due to Queen Street Flooding

Early risers and church goers were greeted by a flood-blocked bridge Sunday morning in Geddington.

As the waters rose higher on Queen Street by the bridge, it seemed as though the decade old berm had met its match. But a closer inspection would have noted that the Ise, though swollen and doubled in width and depth, was still several feet below the foot of water making its way up to the Eleanor Cross.

A water spout from the under-pressure drains was the real culprit, and by 9:30, the foot high spout had fallen to a manageable trickle.

Workers were on the scene early, sandbagging and the fire brigade arrived once the water levels had receded enough for them to pump the excess out of the drains and into the river (see photo). Work continued trying to dig out the drains to ensure they are capable of handling this pressure. Queen Street and the bridge, was closed all Sunday into Monday.