This is a very pleasant walk that will take you just over an hour each way. On leaving the centre of the village, turn left up Wood Street, past the school on the right and Castle gardens on the left. You should follow the road until it becomes a track and then straight ahead to the old farm buildings where, to the right, you will see the start of Clay Dick, marked as a byway despite the barrier and padlock.

Our route (signed to Stanion) is almost straight ahead over the stile and past the left-hand edge of the farm buildings. The footpath is to the right of the hedge, over another stile and straight on to the riding and into the ancient woodland known as Geddington Chase. This is private woodland used for the rearing and shooting of pheasants. The name of that part to the right is known as Cotton Hills and to the left Labours Wood. You are now in a broad riding through part of the old Rockingham Forest. You will come to the Gamekeeper’s cottage from which seven ridings span out like spokes of a wheel. The track is well signed round the back of the kennels. The dogs may be loud but that should be all.

When you come to the end of the wood, this is the Parish Boundary and you are then in Corby Council’s area in the Parish of Stanion. Through the Wood you will have passed Little Brand and Great Brand on the left and Crab Hills on the right.

As you leave the woods bear to the right and follow the hedge to your right. The path is well marked. When you leave the second field through a large gap in the hedge turn left and follow the track down keeping the hedge on your left hand side, turn left and over a stile where there is a pond also on the left, immediately before a radio communication mast. Again the path is well marked to the right into a field and on to a footpath sign where the metalled lane leads into Stanion.

The return is by the same route, there are however, two public houses in Stanion should you need refreshment.