This is probably the best loved local walk. It has been waymarked fairly well and the footpaths on the farm are maintained and kept open.

The walk can be started from two points:

1. From the Post Office, walk up Chapel Lane and across the “Meadows” and then across the A43. You enter a field over a stile alongside the new houses, called Dallington Close. Follow the wall until you see a waymark on the telegraph pole, from here you walk with the hedge on your left until you come to another stile at the end of the field. Turn right on to the track and up the hill to Mill Farm and then left along the bridleway to Newton.

2. Start from Newton Road. The bridleway, signed commences after the last house on the left hand side of Newton Road and passes through Mill Farm’s yard. Walk straight on and join (1) above.

The bridleway leads straight on and you soon enter an open field. dovecoteShortly on the right you will see what John Timpson describes as England’s largest stone Dovecote. Its worth a detour. On the right you pass Newton Field Centre converted from the redundant Newton the Willows Church. When you come to the village walk straight on to Newton House, here make a left turn down the hill and where the footpath leaves the right hand of this cul-de-sac. There is even a map here. Follow the path down the hill to the next sign. Pass through the gate and you will see a well-defined path meet the one you are on. This leads back to Newton. Follow your path until you come to a wooden foot bridge, which you should cross turning right to the edge of a wood slightly uphill. Enter the wood by the marked path which turns left following the eastern edge of the wood back onto Grange Road

Turn left along Grange Road. At the side of the first house on the left hand side, a bridleway is marked. Take this down the field to a small gate at the bottom. There is a waymarker here and you pass through this until you rejoin the start of the walk. Now its back to Geddington.