Take the A43 out of the village towards Corby. You will have to walk along the roadside for some 350 yards passing Redhouse Farm and the village exit boundary. The footpath sign on the left is a green metal one and there is also a waymarker on the fence post. You will see many more of these along the walk.

You now take the path diagonally across the field. You will come to a waymarked style, over this and follow the hedge line to your right. At the top of the hill you pass through a gap in the hedge. There is a waymarker on the post on the left-hand edge of the hedge. You then cross a field diagonally to the furthest corner towards an electricity pylon. You will soon see Cobley Lodge Farm in front and below you. At the corner, follow the hedge keeping it on your left hand side. Cross through the hedge over a waymarked bridge.

Now bear slightly left across a field towards Cobley lodge. Proceed almost straight across the field keeping a small copse in the middle of the field and two trees at the far edge of the field to your left. You will find a gap in the hedge, cross over a style here (waymarked), bearing left along a wide path cutting the corner off a field. To the right of two trees there is a waymarked style, over this, into the next field. Up to the top of this field to the right hand corner of the hedge. Climb over the stile, which is waymarked, turn right and follow the hedge on your left, past the pylon, over the stile by the metal gate, straight over the track and through a gap in the electrified fence.

From here bear right down the hill across the field, to the right of the telegraph pole and drinking trough you will see another waymarked stile. Cross over this and the next stile (waymarked on the back). Walk a short distance along the bottom of the field where you will see another waymarked stile, cross over the bridge and into the next field. Here you walk across the field to the top right-hand corner through gaps in the electrified fence. At the top of this field you will find yet another waymarked stile. Step over the stile and you can see your destination – Little Oakley.

Immediately over a second stile on your left and down towards the village keeping the church just to the right. You will come to the corner of a road where you should see two Bridleway signs, climb over the fence and you are at the edge of Little Oakley. Turn right if you want to explore the village. Sadly, there is no Pub!

The return journey is to the left along the road for about 50 yards and then take the Bridleway up the hill keeping the Little Oakley Dairy to your right. This track climbs up a hill through two sets of double metal gates. Look to the left and you can see Cobley Lodge farm. There is a waymarker to the right as you enter the next field. Keep straight on and you will see a further marker 3 yards up the trunk of an Oak tree on your right. Now follow the field hedge as it bears slightly left down the hill. You now cross a narrow field, at the far side turn sharp right up the long side of the field, keeping the hedge on your left. Another waymarker can be found halfway up this field on the top of a post.

Keep straight on and at the top you will find a further waymarker as you pass through a wooden gate. Follow the hedge keeping it on your left. Straight on to the top of the field, where you will see another waymarker post. Through the gap, leaving a small pond in the copse to your immediate right. Cross the field, the path is quite wide now. It passes 50 yards from the hedge to your left – Geddington can be seen ahead to the left , Newton to the right. As you leave the field through a wide gap, there are trees and bushes to the right. Go straight across the field and as you proceed you will see a metal signpost on to Newton Road. Home is to the left for Geddington and to the right for Newton.