Thrilling Tie-Breaker at Quiz Night raises £200 for Geddington Church!

Once again, no one remembered to take any photos, so I have been forced to ask AI to imagine what happened -Ed. [Photo: OpenAI /]

Oh, it was so close! Only a giraffe’s neck between them!

14 teams took part last night at The Star Charity Quiz Night. Magdalene Multipliers was the charity and boy, did they have some alternative raffle prizes! Excellent, but alternative! And they did a great job because they raised a fantastic £200 for Geddington Church.

The results were that NFN, which was leading all the way, and Geddington Goers were tied for 1st place with 82 points.

A tie-breaker ensued and the question was “What was the largest recorded height (in feet) of a giraffe?” The answer was 19 feet. NFN wrote 21 feet and Geddington Goers wrote 27 feet(??). And so, once again, NFN won.

In third place with 80 points was GADS and 4th place equal was The Topical Team and Motley Crew on 76 points.

The next quiz will be on Tuesday 2nd July and it is in aid of Pancreatic Cancer. Please do come and support the fight againt this cruel disease and raise a great amount. As before, please book your tables and numbers in advance, so that The Star can organise the evening.

Jackie Binley

Book your tables at the Star Inn directly on 01536 745990


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