Quiz Chaos as nit-picking reaches new heights!

The Quiz Cup looks a bit like this, but no one ever remembers to take a picture. Maybe next time? -Ed.

Remember this date. June 4th 2024. The day nit-picking started at Geddington’s Star Inn Charity Quiz!  And annoyingly they were all probably justified! I was having to adjust points here there and everywhere:

  • My big apology is to The Old Rockers for saying Sikh instead of Hindu Temple (picture Round of Northamptonshire places). I shall adjust their scores to make them feel better!
  • Please can Quizzers be kinder to their opposite team? I mean, to dock 5 points because they were in the wrong number on the sheets? COME ON !! This was adjusted.
  • Motley Crew was marked wrong because they put The Eleanor Cross Northampton instead of Northampton or Hardingstone Cross ? I adjusted it.
  • Apparently the Express Lift Company is called The Courtney Lawes Tower. My apology!

I expect that everyone is eager to get their hands on the trophy for 5 minutes (six if Gordon’s back is turned) and it is clouding the whole Quiz. Let’s get back to a fun Quiz where the picture round is fuzzy and the questions pointless! ANYWAY, the winners were The Topical team with 88 points, NFN with 87 points and Geddington goers with 86 points. Well done!

This is what you get when you ask AI to create an image based on our weekly quiz. If only someone would remember to take photos, we wouldn’t have to resort to these cheap tactics. -Ed.

£200 was raised for Kettering Civic Society and will be used to do the flowers at Kettering Railway Station. Excellent. the next Quiz is on Tuesday 18th June and is in aid of Magdalene’s Multipliers.

Jackie Binley

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