Parish Council Minutes – May 2024

New village hall car park under construction in March 2024. [Photo:]
The Parish Council meeting held on May 13, 2024, covered a variety of community and administrative matters. Here are some key topics that were discussed:

  1. Defibrillator Support and Maintenance: A First Responder provided insights on defibrillator usage, particularly concerning pediatric pads. There was a discussion about who is responsible for servicing the defibrillator in Geddington.
  2. Marquee and Screen Setup Request: Residents proposed setting up a marquee and a screen in the recreation field near the Cricket Club’s area for a fundraising event. The council broadly supported the event, contingent on appropriate licensing and insurance.
  3. The berm gate has been damaged again. [Photo: Jerry Lee]
    Village Hall Car Park and Recreation Field Developments: Discussions touched on the the unfinished fencing and the responsibilities of the Cricket Club concerning the use of ball stop netting.
  4. Environmental and Community Initiatives: The council planned to discuss the provision of electric charging points at the next meeting. Additionally, environmental maintenance, like the repair of local gates and the scheduling of tree work, was planned.

For more detailed information, the full minutes are available for public viewing.

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