Parish Council Minutes – March 2024

The Parish Council meeting held on March 11, 2024, addressed several significant issues impacting the community. Key topics that were discussed include:

  • Solar Scheme Update: Boughton Estates provided an update on the solar scheme, including a scoping report and environmental impact assessments. They discussed the visual impact, cultural heritage, and ecology considerations, as well as technical assessments on traffic and hydrology.
  • Village Shop Initiative: Progress was reported on the village shop project, with a steering group formed and ongoing planning meetings. The council continues to support this community-led initiative.
  • Defibrillator Support Network: Discussions included the procurement and necessity of pediatric pads for defibrillators in the area.
  • Car Park Extension: An update was given on the car park extension project, including discussions about the fencing.

Other topics cover included:

  • Newton Church boundary wall
  • Flood action group
  • Stonepit land update
  • Outdoor gym

For more detailed information, the full minutes are available for public viewing.

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