Parish Council Minutes – February 2024

The February 2024 Parish Council meeting minutes have been published and key points include:

  • Summer Fete Planning: The council discussed the upcoming summer fete on June 23, 2024, including traffic management, parking arrangements, and the decision to invest any surplus funds in something beneficial for the village, potentially related to flood defenses.
  • Stonepit Land Leases: Concerns were raised by members of the Youth Club about the delay and lack of consultation in issuing new leases for the Stonepit land, with the council acknowledging the legal process has slowed things down.
  • Village Shop Initiative: Feedback from a community meeting highlighted some interest in pursuing a community-run shop, with the council acting in a facilitative role rather than managing the project directly.
  • Defibrillator Updates: Updates on the installation of defibrillators in Little Oakley and Newton were provided, along with plans to establish a community support chain for emergency response.
  • Flooding Concerns and Initiatives: Discussions on flooding included the need for a comprehensive flood plan, maintenance of local infrastructure to prevent flooding, and potential participation in the RAIN project for innovative flood resilience.

For more detailed information, the full minutes are available for public viewing.

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