Geddington Underwater: A Drone’s Eye View

After enduring a relentless downpour through the night and morning, it was an all-too-familiar sight for Geddington as floodwaters once again rose this afternoon.

A short halt in the rain at about 4pm, allowed us to get the drone up in the air and has enabled us to get some spectacular images of the floods from above (more drone photos at end of article).

Drone footage of flooding at the bridge [Photo:]
We were also able to speak to some of the volunteers, neighbours and friends that came out to help – trying to keep the water from people’s houses.  We spoke to Richard Broughton, one of the village floodwardens, who was observing the bund at the top of Wood Street.  He said the bund was presently working as intended and he hoped it would be able to last for the duration of the rain.  “It’s designed to hold floodwater here and release it slowly – allowing the river time to take it away from the village“, he explained.

Concerned residents inspect the bund at the top of Wood Street [Photo:]
By the Cross, we met up with GVFB members who were moving sandbags to wherever they were needed.  Community Officer, James McLean, said “We have focused mainly on Newton Road, but have also managed to help a resident in Grafton Underwood.”  He then rushed off back to Newton Road with more sandbags.

Volunteers helping with sandbag distruibution [Photo:]

Berm or bund?

Did you know we have both?  Do you know what either of them are?

Bund: A bund is a type of dyke and is a vital flood defense mechanism used in many communities, including ours. It is essentially an embankment or a wall built to control the flow of water. Our bund sits at the top of Wood street and acts as a shield to prevent water from inundating the adjacent land.

Berm: A berm, on the other hand, is a strategically designed channel or ridge whose primary purpose is to divert or redirect water away from certain areas, thereby preventing or minimizing the impact of flooding. In our village, the berm runs between the river and the cricket pitch and it is designed to get water out of the village, and into the countryside, quickly.

More volunteers at the corner of Stamford Road and Newton Road [Photo:]

Keep safe

At the time of writing, it’s still raining.  Hopefully the worst is over, but with more rain planned tonight, we may be out again before the morning.

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Keep safe, everyone!

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