Community Shop – update after meeting

The closed shop door in Queen Street.

The meeting was well attended last Saturday for anyone interested in finding out more about different options for a community village shop.

Some of the information has been shared below and there is additional information in these links:

The next step is to arrange another meeting and to ask a representative from Boughton Estates to come along. We will also put an update in the next village newsletter, on Facebook and on noticeboards in the village with a date for a further information session to give others the chance to get updated on the process.

In the meantime if you have any further questions or comments please do contact Cindy Wrighting on

This update was originally posted on Facebook by Jane Rowley.

Presentation slides


2 comments on “Community Shop – update after meeting

  • Gordon and Jackie Binley says:

    Well done for such a clear and concise ‘document’.
    Could all those people who scoff, ridicule , moan and defame please don’t say another word!!
    We would like to contribute in any way, if we can.

  • Paul Hopkins says:

    Re comments of January 31 2024,
    If we give up our “Freedom of Speech” we give up our Democracy. “Don’t say another word” even with a please in front, is threatening.
    Those people who are thinking of becomeing involved in this proposed project, would, I believe, like to have all the facts before them. Even the negative thoughts can only have a positive outcome when the right decisions need to be made.


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