The Samuel Lee Charity Cryptic Quiz 2023-24

For 23 years, John Sutton devised and produced the Samuel Lee Charity Cryptic Quiz, under the nom-de-plume of Archimedes. They were a fundraiser aimed at those with devious, clever and well-functioning minds, much as John’s was, and created lots of fun over the Christmas period.

Why could we not re-issue them was the question oft being asked? After all, 1996 was so long ago, perhaps the former quizzers might not be able to remember the answers? We decided to give them a try.

We have Trustee Anne Clay, to thank for all the work she has done to get these produced and, as she commented:

“The quizzes created by Archimedes have been waiting to be recycled for several years now. We have taken three of his originals covering Artists, Composers and Writers to produce a new quiz for December 2023 – March 2024.”

So here is the first of the recycled, rejuvenated and renovated quizzes, ready in time for Christmas.

The quizzes, at £2 each, are available from any Trustee, the Café Oak, The Star and me, Pam Hopkins, Samuel Lee Charity secretary, 9 Grafton Road, Geddington, tel: 742292, email:

Good luck!

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