Chairman of the Parish Council, Nick Batchelor has advised us that:

“Next Tuesday, 19th June at 7pm, there will be a meeting of the North Northants Area Planning Committee at the Council Offices in Kettering, to specifically discuss and make a decision on the ‘Larkfleet Application’. This application is for a development of 20+ houses on a plot of land with access off Stamford Road and which is behind Newton Road.

I will be applying to attend and will be voicing a number of objections on behalf of the Parish Council, in the small window of allotted time that is given.

Residents of Newton and Stamford Roads have been extremely helpful in providing local information and evidence in support of our objections thus far.

But specifically, I would like to further appeal to any householder, GVFB member or resident, helping on the night, who has photographs of the flooding and damage caused to property on and around Newton Road during the floods of 23rd December 2020, and doesn’t mind sharing these with me. “

Contact via:
Or phone: 07876 083178
Or at: No.1 West Street

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