This year, the Charity is to re-introduce the annual Christmas Distribution with the method that has been practised for a considerable number of years, with the exception of 2020, that of delivering bags of ‘goodies’ to all our beneficiaries.
This year the delivery day will be Sunday 19th December.  So keep a look-out for one of the Trustees who will be knocking on your door that morning.

We’ve been asked:
“How do I become a beneficiary?”
It’s not difficult, you just have to qualify for the following:
1 be over 75 years of age,
2 be a Geddington resident.
So easy.
And then let us know by contacting one of the Trustees or the secretary. A family member or a friend can nominate someone, but please, get their permission beforehand.
If you are already on our list, you do not need to apply, but if you are applying for the first time, we need to have your application by 21 November.

Nick Batchelor, 1 West Street (Chairman)
Jane Charlton-Jones, 4 Rippin Close
Claire Buckseall, 7 Chase View Road
Jim Harker, Lyons Yard, Wood Street
Paul Hopkins, 9 Grafton Road (Treasurer)
Rachel Newell, 21 New Road

Pam Hopkins, Secretary, 9 Grafton Road, tel: 742292

Finally, we have funds available, they’re not great, but a little help can make all the difference at a critical moment. So, are you a student who needs equipment for your apprenticeship? Or a parent whose child would like to go on a school trip? Or a householder who needs a new appliance? Or do you have one of a hundred and one other needs of modern life, but whose finances can’t quite stretch that far? Or do you know someone who might need our help?

If so, we are here to help. Just contact either the secretary on 742292 or speak to one of the Trustees listed above.
And please be assured that any request is kept entirely confidential – the Charity does not engage in means testing.

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