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On Monday 18 April, Gigaclear gave a presentation in the Village Hall, of the installation of a full fibre network that will be introduced to the northern half of the village.

Whilst there were a number of people present, it was clear that the vast majority of the village didn’t or couldn’t attend. This Post will, we hope, present some of the information that was given on Monday.

The work will be starting within the next few of weeks and a map is shown of the area covered. Cabinets, similar to the green BT cabinets already installed, will be positioned at prime parts of the village. Gigaclear have consulted with the Parish Council about these positions and some have been moved from sensitive positions, such as the one planned to be near the Cross (!). Eight cabinets can be seen on the map as green squares, but please note these are not the final positions agreed with the Parish Council.

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Each property will have a connection point set into the pavement outside the house. Each point is about the size of the water meter cover, approximately 20cm/8″, currently outside many properties.

It is from this connection point that a property can be connected to any ISP of your choice:
It doesn’t have to be Gigaclear.
You may decide to stay with the provider you have already.
(Or you are not connected to the Internet and want to stay that way, in which case how come you can read this post?)
The choice is yours.

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It was pointed out that not many residents were aware of this forthcoming installation.  Gigaclear did send a letter to each household that would be affected, but it was in a plain white envelope addressed ‘To The Occupier‘.  The letter is reproduced here for those who, like me, put that type of mail in the recycling box.


When will installation start?

When will the village south of the river be connected?

When will Newton be connected?

These and many more questions were asked on Monday and, on the whole, were answered.

But there are many more and an orange folder of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) had been provided for all who attended.
The two pages are reproduced below.

Contact details for further queries:

Network Build Care Team
Tel: 01865 591137
Facebook @GigaclearNetworks
Twitter @GigaclearNet

Regular updates on:

For the full list of Internet Service Providers available on the Gigaclear network go to

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  • Peter Goode says:

    Well done Pam for this helpful and comprehensive article, and thanks for helping us in getting the information out to residents before the work starts.

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