Community Awarded to Geddington’s Brickyard Garden

The directors of Geddington Brickyard Garden have sent news of a well deserved award.



“It’s with great delight that we let you know that Geddington Brickyard Garden (GBG) was awarded Joint 1st by CPRE (Northants) with their new Community Award 2018 and received a bright, shiny new plaque that we’ve placed with pride on our entrance gate post.”

“CPRE (Northants) is our regional group of the ‘Campaign To Protect Rural England’ whose aim states: ‘We work to protect the beauty, diversity and tranquility of the Northamptonshire countryside. We care deeply about the future of rural landscapes and townscapes in our county and the quality of life for the people who live there.’

Although a huge surprise, GBG want to acknowledge that this award is solely due to the help and support that we receive from our parish community, in all respect. So many folk have helped to transform this former ‘derelict space’ (in 2014) into the welcoming green space that it now is. And who knows how our community garden will continue to evolve with new ideas and fresh energy?

HUGE thanks to you all from the GBG founding directors, Brenda, Ian and Lynette.”

PS (from the editor) The GB Garden displayed the first snow of the season today, 17 January, with the snow caught on the overnight frost.  It arrived at approximately 7.15am, and only lasted 3-4 minutes, but enough to be noticed, especially if you had to scrape a car windscreen early this morning!

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  • Valerie-Lee Bellamy says:

    Well done. It takes a lot of diligent time and energy to receive this award. Congratulations

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