In Flanders Fields…Wilfred Allsopp


Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of Wilfred Allsopp
Wilfred Allsopp

Rank: Private
Service No: 1975
Regiment/Service: Yorkshire Regiment 4th Battalion
Died: 21/08/1915, aged c 22
Cemetery: La Chapelle D’armentieres Communal Cemetery – Grave: H. 2.

Personal Information

Wilfred was the younger brother of Levi whose name is also listed on the war memorial. His death was the first from the family to be reported in 1915. Wilfred had grown up in Geddington and, like many others, earned his living from the countryside. His job as underkeeper on the estate would have been a position of trust.

1901 Census: Malting Lane, Geddington
Levi Allsopp (father), aged 41, lime quarryman, b. Geddington
Emma Allsopp (mother), aged 40, b. Geddington
David Allsopp (brother), aged 15, carpenter’s apprentice, b. Geddington
Alfred Allsopp (brother), aged 12, b. Geddington
Levi Allsopp (brother), aged 10, b. Geddington
Wilfred Allsopp, aged 8, b. Geddington
George Allsopp (brother), aged 4, b. Geddington
Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 1446; Folio: 124; Page: 16.

1911 Census: Sunnyside, Kettering Road, Geddington
Levi Allsopp (father), aged 51, married 28 years, limestone labourer
Emma Allsopp (mother), aged 50, 7 children, 1 died
David Allsopp (brother), aged 25, ironstone labourer
Wilfred Allsopp, aged 18, under-keeper
George Allsopp (brother), aged 14, school helper
Bertha Allsopp (sister), aged 8, b. Geddington

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  • thank you. Wilfred and Levi were my great grandfather’s brothers, Alfred. The only reason my great grandfather wasn’t enlisted was because he had a limp as a consequence of a broken leg playing football in Geddington when he was 15.

    • Jasmine Steele says:

      Hi Caroline, my great Grandfather is also Alfred, my Grandmother is Margaret (Joan) Patrick nee. Allsopp

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