Macmillan Coffee Morning

Delighted to be able to post this annual event, here on the village website, although there may be more than one Macmillan Coffee Morning being held in the village, if so, let us know and we’ll publicise it here as well. However, Vic Crouse has kindly sent us this report on the Coffee Morning being held in the church on 29 September.

“As most villagers now know, on every last Saturday of the month, a coffee morning is held at Geddington Church. However, from time to time we hold a special coffee morning when proceeds are donated to the Macmillan Cancer Fund. Through many of our own personal experiences, we realise just what an important and superb organisation this is and, to continue our support, a Macmillan Coffee Morning is being held at Geddington church on Saturday 29th September. Everyone is welcome to come along for coffee, tea, a variety of cakes, Tombola etc, but not least, a chance to relax and enjoy convivial conversation in our beautiful church.”