Wildlife Pond, Walter Buccleuch Meadows

Wildlife Pond Meeting

Our last article on the Wildlife Pond in the Meadows, published on 24 December, mentioned a meeting that would be held in January, to consider the next steps.

Parish Councillor Nick Batchelor has announced the date and venue of this meeting and sent out the invitations. Nick has said,

“The invitees are:

Representatives from the Parish Council
Residents who have shown interest from the outset and throughout
Representatives from the GVFB
We are hoping for at least one or two residents with experience of ponds and identifying water species, as transplanting some species from the immediate vicinity is the key and main item to be discussed.

Nick stressed that, “We will only be discussing the next steps and not events to date.”

The meeting is to be held on
Tuesday 31st January at 7.30 in the Village Hall.


  1. Welcome and scene set
  2. Confirmation and reprise of WT Recommendations
  3. Update on side-project –¬†clearance works
  4. Next steps – the transplanting
    i.  Extraneous works in addition to transplanting
    ii. Identifying the species to plant
    iii. Identifying the ‘right time’ regards weather and thus, timescale.
    iv. Agreeing the work party
    v. Method statement and approvals
  5. Registering endangered species
  6. AOB

Nick finally commented, “Whilst the meeting is open to the public, participation will be limited to invitees with vested interest/expertise, and on the planned work party, so we can expedite matters.”