The GVFB Trundle 2016

Most of the village will have received

a brand new newspaper this week entitled


It’s a terrific publication and an innovative method of publicising an event in Geddington. If you’ve received this, then there’s no need to reiterate all the details here. If you haven’t, then click on this .pdf link:
or go to the Diary page and stroll down to 25 September.

However, one thing did catch my attention, the organisers hope to recreate the 1950s events called the Battle of the Brook. Now if you weren’t in the village in the 1950s, then you might like to see what it was all about. To do so, go to our Home page and put ‘Battle of the Brook’ in the search box. It will come up with a number of posts, but the best ones to go to are the first one, ‘The Battle of the Brook’ and the last one, ‘The Battle Rages On’.  Here you will see videos of the battle! It will be interesting to see what differences sixty years will make.

Best of luck, and weather, for both events!