Change & Decay

an Exhibition by

Alan Jones

Opening event: 3rd August 11am until 1pm

Alan Jones, a former Geddington resident, is holding an exhibition of his art at the Rooftop Gallery & Workshops in Corby.  Alan is a teacher, now retired. Although trained initially as a potter, his interest in painting developed over his 40 years in the profession.

Alan Jones exhibition posterAlan comments, ” Much of my early work was portraiture, but as time passed I became more and more interested in documenting the changes in man-made materials as they decayed. I became fascinated by the breakdown in colour and surface quality over time and at first, interpreted these in paint, both acrylic and oil. Latterly, however, my work has broadened to include a variety of media, including ‘hard’ materials such as plaster and wood. I am constantly amazed at the differences in colour and texture of rust and in the random juxtaposition of elements – timber, glass, metal or machine parts, as they lie abandoned – often suggesting surprising abstract compositions. The work in this exhibition explores these ideas and utilises a range of materials and techniques: ink, oils, acrylics, printed images, collage, frottage and occasionally found materials.”

The exhibition is open throughout August, but the opening event (thoroughly recommended!) takes place on
Wednesday 3rd August
11am to 1pm
(and from 11am – 4pm Wednesday to Saturday.)

Do take your family and friends!

About the Rooftop Gallery & Workshops: it is a charity that nurtures people’s creativity, entices raw talent and helps people flourish. It is Corby’s centre of creativity for visual, tactile and sonic artists, for all ages and abilities. The volunteers work alongside other locally based charities and community interest companies, helping people to engage with the arts, showcasing amateurs and professionals alike.

Rooftop Gallery & Workshops is at
9 Chisholm House, Queens Square, Corby NN17 1PZ

Upstairs by Flowertime, near the multi-story car park.
Lift in Chisholm House.

Alan Jones exhibition map

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