The Great Garage Sale 2015

The day dawned bright and buyers were out early* for

The Great Garage Sale of 2015

According to the organiser, Jackie Binley, there were over 90 stalls this year, an increase on the number from last year. Amongst those stalls were many new sellers, giving visitors a glimpse into areas of the village not previously seen.

There were fewer stalls selling for charities, although amongst those that were, they included Parkinson’s Disease and the Geddington Brickyard Garden, Geddington’s community garden.


Coffee and teas were available at the Church and Chapel, very welcome pit-stops for those walking by foot all around the village as there were stalls scattered on every street in the village.


Great G Sale map

* Unfortunately, an 8am start was experienced by some sellers as a local radio station announced, incorrectly, the start as 8am instead of 10am.