Geddington Brickyard Garden – the final push

 With just one week to go before the Spring Launch Day on Sunday 19 April, much has been achieved over the spring months, but there is still plenty to do.

Organiser Lynette Litman has sent a final update on elements started and/or completed over the past week, plus plans for the coming week.

GBG Site preparation before the event (Ian coordinating)

  • Boundary hedging has been planted – mix of wild-life friendly shrubs and trees
  • Raised bed area…Four beds in place. Sunday School children have planted their raised bed, W.I to plant theirs early next week. More raised beds to be built if time BUT rabbit protection needed
        • Kerry and her Dad have installed rainwater catchment plumbing for concrete shed
          • Bob is working on wooden shed aka ‘GBG Café’, Brenda ready to start painting interior
            • GBG mural – preparatory rendering of concrete shed wall will be completed next Wed so it’s unlikely that the background painting will take place prior to event.
              • Lynette liaising with Ise Garden Centre and Glebe Farm Café for donation of plants, benches
                • Still lots of work to do tidying and making site safe.
                  Publicity (Michele)
                •  Michele liaised with school/JaneR so that posters went home with all school children at end of term. An invitation to‘Design a Poster’ and ‘Plant a Recycled Container’ were also included in the School Newsletter.
                • Facebook page has been updated regularly
                • Geddington website has news of event
                • The Star pub quiz on 7th April raised £120 and publicity for event
                • Michele has put up posters around village
                • Directions to GBG site will be put up in final week.
                  Refreshments (Lynette coordinating)
  • JaneR and Scouts are providing/serving hot drinks/cold drinks and cupcakes on the day at minimal cost.
  • Lynette/Anne sourcing paper cups, cold drinks, mineral water
  • W.I. / GBG helpers are making additional snacks for GBG fundraising on the day, served separately.
    Activities during event (various people organising, Lynette coordinating)
  • Making clay bricklets for the GBG mural. (Ian and JaneS).
  • Landscape Drawing activity (Emma Davies)
  • Family Nature activity (Georgina Hand, Newton Field Centre)
  • Planted recycled container competition. (Lynette to find judges/ prizes)
  • Live music (JohnL and friends, low-key and informal)

GBG Information Table (Brenda coordinating)

At event, a GBG information table will be set up under the tepee, with large board and “sign up” sheets for volunteers/skills/raised bed interest. First Aid Kit and bottled water also available here if needed. This must be staffed all afternoon; rota to be arranged nearer the time. AnneC is helping with laminated notices, etc.

Set up during Launch Event morning (Lynette coordinating)

Vehicular Access to site from 8am to 1.30pm

  • GVFB will put up the marquee on concrete standing for craft activities
  • JaneS will bring and oversee putting up of tepee and bunting
  • Ollie Toseland will supply and deliver 20/30 straw bales for seating.
  • Jane Rowley will set up and oversee Scouts’ refreshment area.
  • Ian/JaneS will oversee setting up of clay-making activity
  • Lynette/AnneC will ensure signage and tables are allocated to all activities
  • Four 6X3 ft tables are being lent by Brian ward, Newton and available for collection from Fri 17 April. Collection still to be arranged. Anyone willing?
    Stewards (Kerry to co-ordinate during event 2 – 5pm)
  • We need GBG volunteers to wear high-viz vests and name labels (we have 20 lovely green vests with GBG logo on back donated by Sally and Glenn Armer). Stewards will be ‘managed’ by Kerry during event and lend a hand with any parking issues, guidance, health and safety issues, etc.
  • Lynette will maintain a steward volunteer list and hand over to Kerry before event. So if you’re able to help with stewarding, please email Lynette at

Clearing Up after Event (5pm onwards)

  • All help welcome. Please let Lynette know if you can lend a hand :

39 Wood Street, Geddington NN14 1BG
Mobile: 07553 482907