The Parish Plan

Geddington, Newton
& Little Oakley
Parish Plan

The Parish Plan is a chance for everyone to influence the future of our villages, to say what is important to us here, what is working well or what needs improving.

It is also an opportunity to get involved so that we can work together as a community, alongside the Parish Council and other organisations, to get things done.

So far, we have distributed questionnaires throughout the villages and carried out a summary of the information you submitted. This was available at an Open Day in December, where a number of village groups publicised their work. This report is to keep you up to date with what’s happening now.

We received 126 questionnaires from all three villages – a return of approximately 20%. Most people included in those questionnaires returned had:

Lived in the villages for over 6 years
About 50% for over 16 years.
About 40% were aged between 36 and 64.
With 35% over 64.
And 25% under 36.

The main issues at this stage of analysis appear to be:

  • An overwhelming majority of people feel very safe within their village.
  • Some areas of the villages need improved lighting.
  • The bus service was used by about 30% of those returning questionnaires.
  • The volume, speed and size of vehicles continuing to use village roads and the A4300, particularly heavy lorries, is causing considerable concern.
  • Need for regular clearance of gullies.
  • Continuing concern for facilities for young people over 14.
  • Acceptance of some limited growth, in the form of single dwellings or small groups of housing, together with a need for some form of more affordable dwellings.

More detailed work on this is needed; we will carry out further analysis of the questionnaire information, if possible using tools such as Excel, which will make analysis and cross-reference easier.

We will also look at ways to involve and consult with more people and different groups in the villages, such as our school and residents of Castle Gardens.

It is likely that a further Open Day will be held later this year, where organisations and groups will again be invited to showcase their work.

40 people gave contact details in the space designated for those willing to help, and have been contacted. We will arrange a meeting of those interested in helping and project groups will be formed to work on the most important issues following this meeting, building towards preparing the workload of the next Parish Council in May. Any urgent issues identified will receive immediate attention.

As an urgent priority, we will work on developing the Village Design Statement in the light of the information from the questionnaires, pending:

      The Site Specific proposals from Kettering Borough Council, which are due for consultation in the late summer – and which will determine the limits of growth for all our villages. 

      The North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy, which sets out the whole plan for the north of the county.

      Planning applications

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to be part of this
– we need as much help as we can get!

John Padwick – Parish  Councillor – Parish Plan
0758 121 0454

Parish Plan