Archive: a collection of records of a place
Action: the process of doing something

In July, we asked if we could borrow, scan, photo or otherwise copy, any photographs, documents or artefacts that would represent Geddington’s history over the centuries.

Our aim is to create an online archive of our village.

We have divided all the wonderful material we’ve received into categories and for our fourth weekly article, the category is:


With so many types of sports that have been played over the years, it’s difficult to choose just one to write about. The list of sports played in this village covers:

Football   (of course)
Cricket            Tennis              Bowls
Hockey            Rounders         Badminton      Ping Pong

As football seems to be one of our national sports, perhaps some of the early history of Geddington’s clubs would be most appropriate, so here goes:

The first recorded football match was in 1879 although it wasn’t until 1883 that an official club was formed. However, there was no official ground until the formation of the Recreation Field at the back of the allotments in Grafton Road on 1931, so play took place in various favourite places around the village and sometimes, further afield.

Over the years, a number of clubs have been in existence and in the late part of the 19th century and early 20th century, three clubs all played regularly in the village: Geddington Montrose, Geddington Stars and Geddington Working Men’s Club.

Geddington Montrose 1906-7 complete
Geddington Montrose FC 1906-07

The most successful club was Geddington Montrose FC, which formed in 1903 and lasted 75 years. In the first four years of its existence, the club won 3 league titles and in the 60s and 70s, won a further three league titles and four cup finals.

The most successful footballer to come from the village was Herbert Dainty, who played for Geddington before progressing to senior level, where ultimately he played for Dundee Football Club in Scotland.

Geddington Stars 1894-5 complete
Geddington Stars FC 1894-95

Our images of the 1902/3 and 1906/7 season’s teams show the Dainty name appear along with other, still familiar, village family names. But it isn’t only in the Montrose team that the name Dainty and the others appear. In the Geddington Stars Football Club pictures of their 1894/5 and 1895/6 season’s teams, there are many more. Of particular interest in the Stars’ 1894/5 season is the President of the Stars, Mr John Kyle, whose splendid black beard had by the 1906 Montrose picture, turned very white. Mr Kyle was landlord of The Royal George in Wood Street.

The W.M.C. team was reformed in 1976 for the benefit of village players who were not able to get a game for either of the two Montrose teams in existence at that time. By 1981 the Montrose teams had folded and a second W.M.C team formed to play on Saturdays, but by 1994 the Sunday team had closed and only one team was left and even this closed shortly after, leaving Geddington with no current teams playing.

Pictures mentioned in the text, but not on screen,
can be seen in our Exhibition.

If you have any information, documents or pictures relating to any of the football clubs (do you disagree with the dates, perhaps?), we would like to hear from you.

The Exhibition on Saturday 1st November is not the end of our Archive Project, but just the start of what we hope will be an on-going project over the next few years. With more material and research we’ll bring many more fascinating facts to light.

Acknowledgements and credits will be given on the archive pages after November 1st