Geddington’s Flower Festival




takes place in

the Church
and the Chapel.


As we have come to expect, the standard of flower arranging is excellent and the imagination and skill of portraying the subjects is extraordinary.

The following pictures do not do the subjects justice, you had to be there to see the extra details tucked in here and there, you had to be there to see the vast extent of the arrangements – in the Lady Chapel in the Church and around the lectern in the Chapel. You also had to be there to breathe in the flowers’ perfume and to absorb the peaceful ambience of the buildings with Nature’s beauty displayed with such elegance.

But enough of the words, just look at the images . . .

The Church produced:

A Golden Treasury

The Chapel featured arrangements entitled:

That’s Life

PS Some of the images are not as camera shake-free as I would have liked. With a catalogue and pencil in one hand, a handbag and umbrella hanging from my shoulder, and camera in the other hand, I wasn’t as balanced as I should have been!