Northamptonshire Best Village of the Year Competition 2014

Northamptonshire Best Village Competition 2014

VoY Award picture
Geddington – the award winner 2006/7

Remember this?

We were proud winners of the Calor Village of the Year for 2006/7.

You may recognise the oval, green enamel award, on the right of the picture, as it is displayed above the Post Office doorway.

Now is our chance to do it again!

The Parish Council has received the invitation to take part in this year’s competition, which is hosted by ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England). (See documents at the bottom of this post.)

However, it’s not just the Parish Council that has any input, it’s a village-wide competition, from organising the stands to show the judges the scope of the amenities, both social and sporting, to having the cleanest village by picking up litter.

Parish Council Chairman, Mark Rowley, has sent this message to geddington,net:

“The Parish Council thought it would be a good idea to gauge support to enter in 2014 and would like‘s help to publicise and see if there is interest from organisations to contribute, and people to help with, the completing of the application forms.”

For those who didn’t see all the splendid effort and ingenuity that was created for the judges on judging day, here are a few examples:



The certificates were shown to each organisation involved in the competition.
Here, Val Bellamy shows the award certificates to the Newsletter committee, at one of their collating sessions.

IMGP2910To view the documents pertaining to this competition, click on each item below:

VofY 2014 Invitation

VofY 2014 Entry Sheet no 1

VofY 2014 Entry Sheet no 2

VofY 2014 9-page Entry Form