Beer Festival with a difference! has spoken to Andrew Hammond, Commanding Officer of the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade (GVFB), about its forthcoming Beer Festival and Trundle. Andrew explained that “The Trundle is loosely based on times when a local farmer would roll a barrel of beer up on to the Chase for his workers at harvest time. Sunday September 8th celebrates this with the Geddington Beer Festival and Trundle hosted at the Star Inn.

For those new to the concept it’s quite simple. Teams of four, ideally in fancy dress, run round an obstacle course carrying an empty beer barrel – a mini Tough Mudder, but without the pain! Some people run to win, others just to say they were there. Friends, family and general supporters cheer the teams on, and welcome them back to the finish line at the Star Inn, by Geddington’s famous Eleanor Cross.

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All afternoon a selection of food and real ales will be available, together with entertainment from local bands and GVFB special acts.


The event starts at 12noon at the Cross and teams can enter at the Star Inn. Everyone is welcome whether running or just to enjoy the festivities. Any monies raised by the GVFB will go towards supporting the Annual Senior Citizens Meal – an event put on by the GVFB to bring together the Senior Citizens of our Community – Andrew added that “locals will tell you how much this is looked forward to by all those who attend.”