Gypsy and Traveller sites: Accommodation Options – Update

Kettering Borough Council (KBC) is consulting the public on a list of sites identified and assessed as potential for Gypsy and Traveller pitches. The Borough is required to identify sites to cater for twenty seven additional pitches, fifteen before 2022.

Two of the identified sites fall within the Geddington area as follows:


Gypsy & Traveller1
New Road – Between White Lion car park and dog walk.
Gypsy & Traveller Site
Top of Clay Dick.





 has approached our local politicians for background information and an update on progress.

Jonathan Bullock (Borough Councillor) says:  “Whilst sites in Geddington appeared on a long list back in March, I received an assurance from Council officers that they would not be recommended and indeed they are discounted in the consultation document.  I was opposed to locating these in Geddington because of the adverse affect on village infrastructure such as roads, the school and other village amenities

Jim Harker (County Councillor) added: “We do need to remain on the alert as KBC do need to find sites for 27 pitches for travellers by 2027, and about 20 of them within the next few years. The County Council is working with them now, as a result of my intervention, to find suitable sites well away from settled communities where KBC can satisfy their legal requirements and thereby challenge any illegal travellers encampments that might arise. At the moment they cannot do this, hence the problems that villages such as Braybrooke are experiencing. We certainly do not want those sort of illegal encampments near Geddington, so I am keen to help KBC if I can to find suitable sites elsewhere“.

The consultation ends on 15th July and it will then be up to a planning committee for a final decision on site allocations.

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